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            Hey what up! I’m Cooper and this blog is my way to stay connected to basketball (recovering basketball addict), while I work as the marketing director at the fam’s construction company. Prior to the marketing gig I atttended Indiana University with an emphasis in Sport Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship…….insert  response  “why you working in construction field?” or the common belief every college student doesn’t get a job in their field. No, I’m not calling it quit’s in the world of sport’s, but taking a minsicule break to study the LSAT & gain valuable experience. The phrase “everything happen’s for reason” has some validity, but I believe in “everything happen’s if you plan it (besides the recent car accident) then just folllow through.  The goal’s to apply for a MBA/JD program in two year’s.  In the mean time I have a dope job because I get to help the family biz, spearhead our marketing sector, and take yoga with my second grade teacher. Get on my level.

What to expect from 2nhalfstep’s:

 A lot of Basketball
NBA (Head's up Chicago Bull's Bias), NCAA, HS Look-out's, & WNBA
Pick me-up motivation
And much more

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