Ten prediction’s to keep tab’s this NBA season

2013-14 NBA predictions:

1.    The Miami Heat will three-peat.

You hate Miami? So do I, but the NBA love’s three-peat’s.  Another NBA’s conspiracy? No, but this league is a BUSINESS at the end of the day (come on people wrestling, boxing, UFC, what makes the NBA different?).

2.    LeBron James stays in Miami after the championship.

Maybe L.A? How about a Cleveland return? LeBron’s going to do what MJ couldn’t.  Win 4 championships in a row. If he stays Miami bound he’ll cement his legacy in Miami, so it’s time to accept it. Did Kobe win championships in Philadelphia? Did Magic win in his hometown nope? What’s the big deal about LeBron’s decision? The way he did it? If ESPN offered you 20 million dollar’s to dealy annoucing your new employer would you? Hell yes! For you Cleveland natives get excited about the present and forget the past. Kyrie Irving’s the real deal and with the plethora of young-talent you seem to be recovering quite well (see 3).

3.    Cleveland will advance past the 1st round.

Yes, Cleveland will make the play-offs. If Kyrie stays healthy! If he plays over 70 games then lock them up for a play-off birth. Additionally, I have him in the top 4 for MVP voting.  Kyrie will have a Derrick Rose MVP type season.  He averaged 22.5 point’s and 5.9 assists in his sophomore year.This prediction has nothing to do with Bynum signing with Cleveland, because a healthy Varejao is just as efficient (much better defender). Health is the biggest question in Cleveland, but the talent’s here. I’d even say this core has more potential then any of LeBron’s team’s in Cleveland.

4.    Indiana Pacer’s will start the season on fire/win Central Division!!!

Paul George enough said! If LeBron James didn’t exist we’d be drooling over Paul George’s game everyday on ESPN. They’d be doing sport science on everything from his cereal eating speed to his agility to hop off his right foot while blindfolded listening to Elton John. He’s that good! He’s officially a top 10 players so it’s about time we embrace him.  The biggest hindrance is Indiana’s small-market and the saturation of great college basketball (Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Butler). Everyone in Indiana know’s Paul George, but this season everyone will know him.

5.    Brian Shaw lead’s Denver to second round of the play-off’s.

This predication led to a cringe while typing. Predicting the Western Conference play-offs is harder than learning to ride a bike without having a bike.  However, Brian Shaw is a coaching guru and  I’m excited to watch him have a team (Still LA wtf?). Besides the coaching addition this team is absolutely loveable! Kenneth Faried, Ty Lawson, and JAVALE MCGEE!! This team has no true stars, but everyone’s a workhorse.  Why underestimate a team that won 57 game last year and a coach ready to show his stripe’s?

6.    DETROIT PISTONS make major midseason trade.

This team is the mirror image of a fantasy team that you took serious then thought, “Does it matter.” Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings playing alongside will change Motown drastically. They have great pieces! Greg Monroe is beyond underrated and Andre Drummond is on the cusp of his potential. Their frontcourt has Kevin McHale asking Morway to pull some magical trade scenario to get Monroe.   A new coach in Mo Cheek’s has Detroit finally getting out of the dark abyss caused by the Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanova signing.  They’ll trade due to injury and lack of veteran’s (Billup’s is no answer) for an 8th seed push.

7.    Spurs finally take a step back.

Betting against the Spur’s is like betting red after black won 10 in a row, but somehow hit’s green.  When this dynasty started everyone hated them and 15 year’s later we love them.  Everyone will say well “Gregg Popovich has Tim Duncan,” but Tim Duncan also has Gregg Popovich.  It’s about time we start respecting Popovich as one of the best coaches EVER. Two of his assistant’s finally have their own team’s, so it’ll be exciting to watch them plant the Popovich tree. Duncan and Pop are what Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer wanted to be.

The only thing that remains a question is the why Tony Parker left Eva Longoria. Year’s later and this still is the biggest question

8.    Laker’s really want to bomb for Wiggin’s, but their loyal to Kobe Bryant.

They keep hyping up the Laker’s big signing in 14’ and 15’ because Steve Nash is the only player under contract. They should take an unlikely step (LA couldn’t do this if they tried), but should bomb for WIGGIN’S. Every GM understands what’s at stake with next year’s 1st pick. Wiggin’s is the next Kobe! Draft Wiggin’s and you have another Kobe for 15 year’s and have salary space to build around him! It’ll never happen, but it’s something to consider.


9.    Phoneix Sun’s becomes new international hot spot and still suck.

San Antonio continues to age, but Phoenix has great young international star’s in Goran Dragic, and Gortat. This team was absolutely awful last season and shown few sign’s of improving.  Drafting Alex Len is interesting, but as we watch this team develop. Honestly, there WNBA team will have more highlight’s. This team’s bad.


Yes, I attended Indiana University. Yes, I have an IU bias. Yes, Victor will win Rookie of the Year. This young man is one of the best young talent’s I’ve seen first-hand, but his motor is special. This kid’s ceiling is high. Prototype size, defensive first mentality, and athleticism are off the charts.


One thought on “Ten prediction’s to keep tab’s this NBA season

  1. Idk if the Heat repeat, it’s hard to make it to the finals 4 consecutive years. The last team to do that was the 84-87 Celtics. Since then, the Pistons failed in that attempt (88-90) got swept by the bulls in 91, the bulls got their 3 peats (91-93) (96-98) but then lost in the 2nd round and missed the playoffs in the 4th bids respectively and the Lakers failed twice (00-02) (08-10) by losing to the eventual champs Spurs and Mavs in 2003 and 2011 respectively. Pacers looked great and George is a major factor in that (great call there) and Oladipo looks like a monster (great call #2). I really enjoy the work you do on the website and I hope to see you provide more content in the months ahead.

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