Call me Houdini: Basketball expectations til the Ides of March

I’m follow the advice of my friend Rex Ryan and guarantee all of these predictions occur. 

  1. You read Call me Houdini: Basketball until the Ides of March
  2. This month student-athletes getting exploited
  3. Learning about a mid-major school (which we’ll forget years later)
  4. Work and school productivity WILL decrease
  5. Mathematicians trying to crack the college bracket (and failing)
  6. Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings are over crowded
  7. Obama spending time solving his Bracket, instead of our economy
  8. Gambling just cause we can (no age required here)
  9. Dedicated fans predicating their teams winning-it-all (later being upset by a mid-major school)
  10. Increased crime rate
  11. Dick Vitale showing us why he’s the Dali Lama of basketball (yet we’re still annoyed)
  12. ESPN predicting North Carolina or Duke to win
  13. ESPN not using Erin Andrews in enough coverage
  14. Miami Heat continues their features on TV, Newspapers, Apps, and hate sites
  15. Chris Brossard telling us about his sources
  16. Every fan making a trade machine for Dwight Howard (and saying it’s the best deal)
  17. Charlotte Bobcats ask MJ to play (Rumors denied because he state’s “I’m too good”)
  18. New Jersey goes on an extensive winning streak (a la Brook Lopez)
  19. New Jersey realizing Deron William doesn’t want to back
  20. Kevin Love MVP rumors gain much-deserved attention
  21. View ratings decrease because of COLLEGE BASKETBALL
  22. DeMarcus Cousin goes on an ABSOLUTE MONSTROUS March run
  23. Boston Celtics Danny Ainge pulls a trade we question (not a joke)
  24. San Antonio silently increases their divisional lead
  25. Top trade rumors revolve around Steve Nash and Kevin Martin (yeah Kevin Martin<is he a singer?)
  26. People watch a couple of quarters of the women’s tournament
  27. Skylar Diggin’s coverage and highlights increase
  28. The tournament displays “top programs “are losing strength
  29. Criticism and inappropriate  “TITLE IX” jokes continue
  30. Big ten teams make a splash deep in the tourney

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