Player’s are soft!

Replaying the Xavier vs. Cincinnati game in my head brought an interesting question to the surface.  Whose the bad guy in the NBA today?  What individual imposes fear or make’s you think “ShI#” when driving the lane.  The general population will side with Lebron James.  Chicago Bull’s fan think its Jeff Foster and his ugly playing style.  Recent Orlando headlines have them concluding it’s their own player in Dwight Howard.  As the writer of this article I’ll state my opinion NO ONE!!   Hell, I might even join the league after watching the soft play over the year’s.  No joke I’m more hesitant driving the ball in NBA’s 2k12 video game than I would be against the Milwaukee Buck’s.

Why bring this up? Because I’m starting to prefer watching Church League Basketball!!

Ok, I’ll cool it down for a moment……  I sincerely apologize for desiring defensive minded, bitter rivals, and hard-fought game’s.  Honestly half of the NBA’s 50th greatest player’s would side with me.  Especially one of the greatest player Isiah Thomas and yeah I’m referencing Isiah Thomas, but his playing day’s.  Pleaseee try remembering the 1980’s Detroit Piston’s.  Joe Dumar’s, Isaiah, Rodman, Laimbeer, Mark Aguirre, and John Salley were the core of this team.  The dirty style lead to their “bad boy” trademark.  They were so popular that if Twitter was invented in 80’s #badboys described the Piston’s.  So whose today’s “Bad Boy Piston’s”  the public states Miami Heat’s “three star’s.”

The Piston’s defined grit and intimidation.  These team’s instigated fight’s against any team Magic’s Laker’s, Bird’s Celtic’s, & Jordan’s baby Bull’s and never backed down.  They won two championship’s during the golden age of basketball for crying out aloud.  You’re thinking I’m just hating on the Heat, but really WHY the Heat?  Disliking the “three” for not going to your team,  I can understand.  Hating them for forming a super team, not accpetable?  THERE FREE AGENT’s!!!!  Yes, I wish at least one of them went to Chicago, but it’s their decision (ha, sorry again Cleveland).   Super team’s have been running the NBA for decade’s.  Just remember Pippen and Rodman were right next to Micheal in their prime.  All three Hall of Famer’s   Sorry, I’m getting off topic back to the bad guy’s.   Miami Heat’s meanest guy is Lebron.   We already understand Lebron’s the physically specimen, but he’s softer than the Michelin Man.  The supposed best player in the league is third on his team with technical foul’s.  Correlating technical foul’s with a tough player just doesn’t work anymore.  I say that because there second technical foul leader is Zydrunas Illgauskas with 7 technical fouls.  Does a 7’3 Lithuania Center whose name belong’s in the dinosaur section of the Smithsonian Museum really threaten you?  I’m done on that note with convincing myself there today’s “bad guy’s.”

The day’s of throwing unnecessary elbow’s, throwing punches, and clearing the benches are over….. The NBA want’s that clean, family image which I applaud and praise.  Building the NBA brand in foreign countries requires the home brand to be in good order.  A clean, cut transition emerged with implementing suit’s before game’s, enormous fines, 19-year-old draft, and breaking up the 00’s trailblazer’s.   Commissioner Stern simply neutered basketball.  Do I blame him for these decision’s?     NO.    The NBA and referee’s lost control of the player’s.  Player’s ran rampantly on and off the court.   The stories from Jayson William’s, Iverson’s personal tales, and Rodman were a few headlines.  The 2000’s headlines were detrimental for American basketball and the NBA.  This period gave us a different type of bad boy.

However, one positive thing came from this period Rasheed Wallace.  The last “real” bad boy in the NBA and this man could bang.   A little stat for the ages FORTY ONE technical foul’s in the 01′ season.  That meant he averaged a technical foul every other game!  People say “well technical foul’s don’t mean you’re mean, but a reckless player.” There’s truth to that, but it’s hard to believe a man with three hundred technical’s is not a “bad boy.”  Before Stern laid his “nice kid attitude” precedent Wallace picked half of these foul’s up.  Wallace not getting involved in the”malice in the palace” speak’s volumes of his character.  Alway’s quick to overreact in games, he neglected participating in NBA’s largest disgrace to date.  The “malice” handled out the longest NBA suspensions it had seen.  What’s exactly happened at the malice?  The malice  allowed player’s to hit us blogger’s, fan’s, competitor’s, and use Spartan like move’s.  Created purely from recklessness and mental weakness.

The last player I want to mention is World Metta Peace

A bizarre individual with “glove” like defense and add a 73 game suspension to his cred.  This man chased a FAN into the stand’s.  Does that describe World Metta’s old personality?  definitely one tough cookie back in the day before the name change.  We need to order whatever book’s Artest is reading!  He must be going to  Phil Jackson’s church.  Honestly, he altered his playing style, life style, and his name for god sake.  Repressing the past of angry outbursts and poor image with a name change is amazing.  At 2nhalfsteps we want “bad boy’s,” but we love hearing about 180 degree changes for the better.

Writing about the scarcity of mean competitor’s does make me question my ethic’s.   I believe any reader over 28 would agree about today’s game.  I never condone fight’s, “malice in the palace’s,” Rudy T punches, or dangerous play’s.   As play scheme’s, rule’s, short’s, and team’s change so will the players.  If the player’s hug their opponent’s and shake hand’s I’ll still watch it.   All I know is the NBA’s human resource department has done a great job and deserve a Christmas vacation.  With HR in the Caribbean’s hopefully I can watch my Bull’s man up and kick the Laker’s aces and then watch the Heat’s Big Z be that intimidating anchor down low.

 Player’s who deserve Coal for Christmas:

  1. Delonte West (Is this even a question, maybe on the lifetime list)
  2. Kendrick Perkins (Maybe the next “bad boy”?)
  3. Micheal Beasley (Weren’t you drafted #2)
  4. Adam Morrison (What part of Europe you in?)
  5. Hakim Warrick (You make 4 million dollars?)

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