Longhorn’s still best basketball program?

Texas still number one go-to-school?….NO

 Texas Longhorn’s have graced sporting magazine’s & papers with Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Ricky Williams, Augustin, Kevin Durant, Aldridge, and Ford.  Listing the pro football players from Texas, would be like naming every 101 dalmation..there’s too many!  There’s a reason their website has an NFL link.   These tradition’s allow Texas to sneak by lately and the top recruiting classes silent skeptic’s..like me.   However for possessing one of the largest athletic budget’s (over 100 million) and being the “state” school.  One Final Four since 1946 which led’s to asking why do we believe YOUR Texas basketball?

              At 2nhalfsteps we’re jumping on the nearby’s Baylor Bear wagon.  This bandwagon started two year’s ago and RG3’s recent Heisman speech solidified it with quoting “the Baylor way.”   The athletic department’s recent hire’s and organizational front has established Baylor University as a rival school and new “go to school.”   Yes, I understand they lack tradition or prominent professional athlete’s, but they make it up in recent success.  A “dual-threat” Heisman, Elite Eight appearance 2010, #1 women’s team (top player Brittany Griner and YES women’s basketball is involved in this argument), and top fifteen recruiting classes(men’s & women’s).  That’s all been within a couple of year’s.

  Baylor’s currently undefeated and ranked at #7 in the polls.  Texas holding a 7-2 record.

          Baylor defeating five opponents by 20 points and having two top ten NBA pick’s help’s this argument.  The question “who have they played” is the common reaction.  The record doesn’t sell me, but this lineup does.  Before opting out of the draft leading scorer Perry Jones III was projected as top seven pick.  Developing his game along with freshman Quincy Miller have lifted Baylor out of respectable program to “Holy S@I(” this team can bang.  Yes, Texas University’s great NBAer’s speak well of its past and I’d take Texas’s alumni over Baylor’s any day.  Baylor’s recent player’s will make this decision harder in the future.  I do believe Texas hasn’t passed the torch………………let’s see on January 28th.


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