Guideline for that awkward adult Chrismas converstation

          We know mindless Christmas conversations with that one uncle or cousin Joe (everyone has a cousin Joe) are bound to occur. At 2nhalfsteps we’re providing you the basic reactions to get through those 4 minute’s of hell.   Aunt’s and female relatives are easy going converstations they know the current trends and are personable.  Whereas the male relative is difficult.  We are far from personable and only know work.   Our advice here is to mention sports a no brainer right!  Everyone follow’s sport or has general knowledge stick to the basics (football & basketball, be bold and bring up hockey..I dare you).  Here’s our practice trial of the advice at work.

Q:    (You)          Hey, Uncle Eddy how you doing?

A:    (Eddy)        Great, the eggnog’s delicious and have you tried Aunt Marget’s cookies?

A:     (You)         No I haven’t I heard it’s delicious and I’ve never been an eggnog person

 Awkward pause, Uncle Eddy sips eggnog, You look around, (while this is occurring                                  Eddy is thinking why you don’t like eggnog and why he likes it  ( 1 minute later)

Q:    (You)          (Looking around still trying to find an escape) How’s work?

A:    (Eddy)        Good, How’s school?

A:    (You)          Alright, Christmas Break, no homework (You’re thinking damn, I should’ve elaborated)

That’s your rough patch right there.  You guy’s already talked about work/school and present moment in time “eggnog.”  HIt em’with sports but try remembering his favorite sport team’s

You’re stumped again.  You forgot his favorite team, because he married into the family making that factual information difficult to decipher unless you have more awkward converstations occur or if you ask straightforward.  (By asking straightforward your risking the chance of making you look stupid or an a*#$hole)  Stick to the basic’s general sports.

Q:   (You)                    Hey, you ready for the NBA to start on Christmas?

A:    (Eddy)                  No, why would I watch all those greedy millionaires?

Your Reaction’s

       1:  If that’s the reply either punch him, spit in his eggnog, or rip his wig off!   (while reassuring yourself that this is accpetable, because he’s your Aunt’s husband “not blood”

2.   If you do reply with a question avoid family oriented one’s, unless you know his history (ex-wife, deceased parent’s, brother’s a carnie, drag queen, see were I’m going with this)?

3.    Slowly leave the room is an option.

4.  Make fun of his out of date sweatshirt or his child (your step cousin)(that’s mean..the truth hurt’s)


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