All I want for Christmas (Chris Paul Edition)

Dear Santa,

This time last year I was asking for new knees.  Last year you delivered with pain med’s which worked fine.  Anyway’s this year I want a new team! The owners and New Orlean’s is suffocating me like Harry Potter in his stairwell bedroom.  New Orlean’s is not a basketball town nor will it ever be.  I’d rather play in the North Pole with Will Ferrell and the other Elfs.  Get my drift?  Anywho’s this soap opera drama with Mr. Stern and his counterparts is getting nowhere.  They don’t realize playing under sea level psychologically affect’s my ability and the fact I have gimpy knee’s doesn’t help.  I”m not asking for fresh legs, because my pursuers are overlooking them.  My boss is ignoring my requests so please help!

P.S  I want a fresh start and preferably a warm climate.  Also, I won’t give you jambalya again (that’s another thing I dislike about New Orleans the overhyped food), but back to you.  Does Mrs. Fields cookies sound good? They won’t be like Mrs. Clause’s, but there delicious.  I’ll make the proper arrangement’s so feel free to write me back. 

Your’s Truly,  Chris Paul


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