TOp BiG MaN To WatCH: Andre Drummond

From the flurry of mix-tapes already posted on this kid he’s the real deal.  Last year’s top big man was the Chicago product Anthony Davis whose now at Kentucky.  Anthony Davis size and length overmatched his prep rivals by inches. However,Andre Drummond is sitting in as a top 3 product in the class of 2012 and his size in one word is: HUGE.  This kid will finish as the top recruit as Anthony Davis did in 2011.  Anthony Davis resembles a young lengthy Dwight Howard (yes, Dwight was not always Muscle)and Andre Drummond(well I say the baby of Shaq & Amare Stoudamire).  I don’t usually like hyping preps up but this kid is a stud.  Watching these mix-tapes is like watching the older brother destroy the little brother & all his friends at the SAME TIME.

credit from sources: K-Mel & Hunter Mason


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