We’re Lockedout…..Don’t Worry I know when they settle

The question we received was “Do you believe a bargaining deal gets done before the start of the season?

You’re optimistic.  Honestly we don’t know, but with games approaching in early October, not likely.  Free agency and team meetings directly follow once the deal gets signed.  The bright side the meetings among these parties have started, but no signs of life exist.  Who would really want to handle this case?  Each day it seem’s like the classic David vs. Goalith match-up, with Goalith winning.  So let’s break down these fighter’s dollar to dollar


These meetings involve the most powerful man in American basketball and business world.  The owners reached the title “owner” through hours of hard work, detail, negotiating, wits, and confidence.  These owners’ previous gigs consist of founders of Carnival Cruises, Taylor Corporation, Chemist for Aerospace Industries, Accountants, Lawyers, Bank owners, and this list will surprise you.  Partnerships and management groups head a couple other NBA franchises.   The combined net worth of the owners exceed 50 billion dollars with some owners  assets ranging from 20 billion (Paul Allen, Portland) to 80 million (Peter Holt, San Antonio).

Who’s the richest, most powerful and influential owner?

Paul Allen (20 billion)?

Batman has Rodman, Micheal had Scottie, Dwayne has Lebron, and Bill Gates has Paul Allen.  Broke his way into wealth as Bill Gates “side kick” and purchased the Portland Trailblazer’s in 1988.  1988 also mean’s he had no part in the selection of Sam Bowie over Micheal Jordan which still hurts the franchise till today.  After Microsoft, Allen has been heavily involved in philanthropy and investment opportunities (movies, Seattle Sounder’s Stadium, and Real Estate) through Oregon.  Portland is dubbed a small market franchise so that’s a kicker for Paul Allen.  The small markets have been listed as losing supposdly 300 million dollars in revenue.  The lockout that we see on TV is between owners and players.  We often forgot the behind the scenes lockout among owners of large market (New York, LA) and small market (Charlotte, Memphis) franchises.

Mikhail Prokhorov (19.5 billion)

I included Mikhail Prokhorov because he’s a rich, powerful, and influential person in his native Russia.  He acquired the New Jersey franchise in 2009.  I hope those beliefs that Jay-Z owns this team is put to rest. I’ll buy a 0.01 percent of them and get season tickets so people call me an owner.   Mikhail Prokhorov has recently relocated the affiliate to Brooklyn. The lockout allows him to prepare for the move, while his best player (Deron Williams) risks injury overseas.   His vote still counts in the bargaining agreement but any sports enthusiast enjoys a shout out to good ole Mikhail.

The Poor owner

Peter Holt (80 million)

Winning four championships at the helm gives him recognition as one of the most successful owners of the 21st century in the NBA. Owner of the San Antonio Spurs and once led the Caterpillar Manufacturing expansion operations in the US.   Served his country in Army during Vietnam, preaches ethics among the workplace and community.  Opposing fans seem to heavily dislike the franchise for its style of play and are called the Duke program of the NBA.  Regarding the bargaining agreement they are likely to vote for a revenue sharing system.  This organization has won a lot for being in a crowded market along Houston Rockets and NBA champions Dallas Mavericks.  Interesting tidbit about the Spurs: they won the championship when play resumed after the last lockout in 1998-1999.

The Players

So you’re a NBA fan? Let’s play the name game.  List all the current owners and the owners in the Hall of Fame, you have 30 seconds………………………….

You probably named your team’s owner and maybe previous owners.  Jerry Buss, Dolan (NY), and Mickey (Miami).  I pray that you said Mark Cuban since he’s the most animated, famous, he’s on Entourage (that’s enough right there), Computer whiz for you nerdling’s, IU alumni, and won the 2011 championship.

Right now you’re recovering from your lack of owner knowledge which means you are not a real fan?  I hope not, have some respect for yourself.

We watch the NBA for basketball and the Kobe Bryant’s, Dwayne Wade’s, Derrick Rose’s, and Brian Scalabrine’s of the league. There’s only a few owner’s you want to see or hear about, but we want to see and hear about every player.  As kids we aspire being the next All-Star, as adults we still aspire being the next All-star player, and as old people we aspire having All-star players picking up our healthcare bills.  You all know the players and the headliners like I do, heck you have a better chance of knowing what their  doing in this extended off-season.  I could quickly post some ESPN video’s and tell you who’s competing in the EURO Championships or Professional league now, but that’s not my style.  Maybe, I could put up images of Joakim Noah sipping on a Margarita in Spain or Chris Kaman doing yoga.  I rather not see those images nor post what they’re doing on their vacation.   As a basketball blog we want the NBA back but with the Maverick’s (not a Dirk Fan) and Heat (really, must I explain?) not contending for the title.

The player’s you guys should be following on twitter and through the media are Roger Mason Jr. and Derek Fisher.  These two represent the player body as President and Vice President.  Their roles are vital to the success of a deal getting signed.  From sources and fellow bloggers the players have an uphill battle.  I did provide information pertaining to the owners net worth so here’s some NBAer’s as well.  If you’re really nosey the teams with the largest salaries are the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, and San Antonio Spurs.   The cheap baller’s of the league are the Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings, and Indiana Pacer’s.  The average salary cap was 3.6 million in 1984-1985 and today’s price listed as  58 million dollars.  This game has evolved from a YMCA event into an ecomonic driving force in business.

You make how much money?

Kobe Bryant ($25,244,00)

I’m glad the best shooting guard of 2000’s and closest thing to Jordan (argue me) received the highest pay.  He has 5 rings, an MVP, face of the Lakers, a Dave Chappelle skit, and coined the term KOBE.  The new CBA is likely causes problems for his luxury tax Laker’s and his contract.  The positive effect is Kobe Bryant is old and those dominant seasons seem gone, so a future max deal isn’t in his future.

Rashard Lewis ( $22,152,00)

How could I not involve this contract which I label as the biggest miss signing of the 2000’s. A roster with Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Brook Lopez and Blake Griffin would be cheaper, trust me you read that right.  This deal alone should allow owners and players to restructure THIS contract.  Organizations are losing money because these types of deals continue being implemented and will follow long after the new CBA.

With all this little amount of information, my lack sources in the ongoing meetings, and my ability at NBA 2k  I will predict that the NBA will resume play the WEEK OF NOVEMBER 20th.

This is somewhat of an educated guess.  Meetings started weeks ago, but constant court hearsay of the owners being split as a group is a problem.  It’s September 15, 2011 and it’ll take a week or two for owner’s to get unified. That brings us to end of the September.  Meetings are still occurring among the players association and ownership.  The continued meetings will bring in new thoughts, ideas, and regulations.

October tends to be the month of the baseball play-offs anyways which will demand viewership and split fans away from the NBA.   MLB viewership ratings have dwindled in the past playoffs this year involves powerhouses like New York, Boston, Texas, and Philadelphia whom seem poised for the playoffs.  The Maverick’s Championship run may reinforce fan support for the Rangers and another championship for Texas. Texas is a huge state and has one good baseball team resulting in playoff baseball viewership.  New York and Boston continue to offer a rivalry rivaled by none and will be the desired matchup in the championship series.  Philadelphia’s storied pitching staff and their latest playoff success will create quite the stir.  The MLB has great headlines for the play-off’s along with small market teams breaking through like Arizona, Milwaukee, and good ol Atlanta.

The NHL starts in the upcoming weeks and the NFL’s back on track.  The avid basketball fan will be agitated without their sport, but with other options to choose from we can handle it.  So this lockout will just become a side story.  Once owners agree on a revenue system and sharing we anticipate they’ll be on the same page by October 4th, 2011.  The player meetings will continue as they’ve been for a month now.  A week of discussing the new owner’s settlement and the player’s original desired plan starts the negotiating.  They accept it.  That’s a lie to see if you’re still reading this rant.  So they begin negotiating and realize one side will not cave in.  A week or two goes by.  The player’s become frustrated because they don’t have their  cards right.  The players in meetings are still not playing while the their teammates and friends are getting paid and playing overseas.    The top paid players and the players association are telling everyone to calm down and wait it out.  However Eddy Curry and Stephon Marbury demand they accept the deal on the table.   So the player’s loosen the demands and allow the owners to hear them out.  Owners say no.  End of October gives the players a sight of what to expect for month’s to come.   The players are scared.  They cave in to the owners.  The owner’s only problem is fellow owners going back on their deal.  So a week of new laws and by laws implemented in the new deal occur.  Middle of November and the players come out on ESPN and say their getting screwed by the owners.   Owners and David Stern try to sidetrack these comments through their NBA network and ESPN.  The owners use their wealth and power in the local and national media to pressure the players in signing their deal.  Mikhail Prokhorov is still in Russia drinking vodka and asking an old New Jersey Net Keith Van Horn on how to play Basketball.  The players wives and families are calling about if their attending thanksgiving.  The players say yes, but don’t have the resources to travel nor provide the turkey for the grand feast.   Derek Fisher rounds his troops and states “this will be the best we can do” and the players sign the deal.   All this is done while the owner’s happen to forget about the deal, because there focused on their valuable assets which got them to this stage.

David Stern smiles.  David Stern continues to smiles.  The league is back on track byNovember 29th

Mikhail Prokhorov realizes he didn’t buy an American Soccer team and moves the the Nets into the MLS while changing the name into the Brooklyn Benders.


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