The Great Debate: Pumps or Spinners

Accessories run rampant in the basketball today shooter sleeves, sweat bands, baller bands, and the list goes on…  Those items transition with the style of play and the time period.   What happened to short shorts or high top converses?  Right now a smart “ace” is saying “I still wear those” well you lack modern style and we label you a hipster today kid.  History has always given us one thing our kicks.  We always remember the first basketball shoes we bought or that brand live-by today. (I’ll give you a minute to reflect).  The Great Debate covers two pairs that I vividly remember my 8th grade kicks and one that left a footprint on the industry.  This Debate is between the legendary Reebok Pumps and Latrell Sprewell Spinner shoes.

Background (+1) :  The Pumps got their stripes way back in 1989.    This was Reebok’s debut basketball shoes and the Pump’s success gave Reebok a name.  The pump is even produced today and one of Reeboks prize sneakers.  Its pumping device has transitioned into the NHL and snowboarding boots.

Seven years ago the Latrell Spree’s hit the selves.  This shoe was designed under the company Dada (famously know for C-Webb’s shoes).  They were priced at over $100 in 2004 and featured in a Newsweek magazine.  Considered a vintage antique since Dada stopped production on the kicks.

Winner: Reebok Pumps because this allowed Reebok to be relevant. (P’s 1, S’s 0)

Style(+1):    The Pumps continue the retro appearance in today’s editions.  However, the new pumps dropped the high top look we all fell in love with.

How could we forget the legendary appearance of the “spinner” shoes?  The concept made the impossible, possible (Kevin Garnett should’ve been their rep).  The sleek appearance allowed these to flourish when put on selves.

Winner: If someone told me just about the design I’d still vote spinners.The ability to place that era’s hottest commodity car spinners inside of a shoe astonishes me.  The fact I became victim to purchasing these means defending my own style. (P’s 1, S’s 1)

Player Rep’s (+1) :

PUMPS: Dominique Wilkins or Dennis Rodman- pick your Hall of Famer

SPINNERS: You pick Ron Artest, Chris Kamen, & Latrell Sprewell- Two of them are considered the most violent players to ever play and Chris Kamen still plays?  Golly, Who was I modeling my game after?

Winner: Dominique one of the games most violent dunkers and maybe it was because his kicks?  (P’s 2, S’s 1)

Era(+1): This category is a joke the Pumps win by a landslide.  I will not even waste my time highlighting each shoe or separating them.  The late eighties is considered the most competitive basketball prior to the Jordan years.  The early 2000’s was horrible basketball and not even on the same spectrum.

Winner: (P’s 3, S’s 1)

Last Category Marketing (+2)  What good is a product if you can’t market it? 



Winner: (P’s 5, S’s 1)

The Conclusion:

We wasted our time even considering this a debate.  The pumps are legendary more reasons than the air sound when squeezed.  We think Reebok is known in the Nike and Adidas market because of this particular shoe.  The Spinners where did you go wrong?  Was it the players using the product, the brand behind it, or the “how do spinners help my game” question?  The Sprewell’s are dubbed one “kick” wonder’s.  The Great Debate declares the Reebok Pump’s the sneaker champs.


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