Sickness won’t stop a legend

Reading a story that deserves attention is the recent Pat Summitt news.  Arguably one of the most successful coaches in college sport.  Her achievements go beyond any article or book could explain.  Her legacy is already enshrined in basketballs hall of fame but now she needs a miracle.  The local papers have stated she’s recently been diagnosed with an early form of dementia (Alzheimer’s).  Researchers are still searching for a cure.  The side effects of this disease are devastating and we at 2nhalfsteps will keep her in our prayers.

Her accomplishments as a person overshadow her career records and championships.  Mentoring young teens into women for four centuries and being the “coach K” for the women’s game just starts the list.   The best players came to Tennessee to play not for the program but Pat Summitt.   She morphed Tennessee into a true powerhouse which was unheard of in women’s basketball at the time.    Her life account seems like the perfect career people desire.  It’s not time to sit here and go through her accolades as if she’s retired.  Not yet because Pat Summitt is still coaching in the upcoming year.  Her determination and strength seems to mask her classless disease.  One day will write that article about our proudest Pat Summitt memories, but she’s still gracing us with more memories on the court.


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