Don’t ever settle in life

What causes you to chase your dreams.  I want you to think of your dreams, aspirations, and find out what drives these.  Whether it be your family, friends, disbelief, or desire?  Don’t ever lose sight of what keeps you motivated.  Once you lose sight of your goals that opportunity begins to erode.   Everyday we’re faced with obstacles that hinder us from reaching these dreams, but it’s up to you to keep fighting them.  What ever you do in life strive to be the best.  We have one shot and once its gone its gone.  The world will keep going with or without you.  Tomorrow’s a new day get back on course if you have too or keep fighting.  The path you take is your choice but does it lead to where you want? Do you think Derrick Rose will stop training because this lockout? no.  Do you think Coach K allows his players to skip practice? No.    The successful people in this world let their lives speak for them.  They don’t cut corners, they don’t make excuses, but they accept their responsibilities.  We at 2nhalfsteps believe in you, but the question is do you believe in yourself?


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