Charity Stripe’s (Skoolofskills)

How often do we hear about athletes coming from the projects or rough neighborhoods?  I believe the answer is not enough.  I say this because of an article I read by Steven. A Reiss.  He conducted a poll stating that 70% of youths from the ages of 13-18 believe there going pro.   The study didn’t list the number of participants, but it stated that only 35 out of 40,000(0.009%) individuals will play professionally.  We need to help these kids either get to the league or show them life’s other possibilities.  Great people have and will continue to overcome  the barriers and stereotypes that arise with living in inner city.  We at 2nhalfsteps want to know what we can do to help make it easier?

The organization Skoolofskills beat us to the answer.   This non-profit organization is located in Chicago’s roughest areas.  Motivating kids with after-school programs from career development, tutoring, basketball camps, and mentoring.  Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the United States and is often labeled the “best basketball City in America.”  The presence of this organization is vital to the basketball culture and legacy of Chicago.   This organization started in 2004 at the hands of  Patricia Owens.  Chicago has millions of basketball players to watch over and director Patricia has dedicated her life to working with them. Skoolofskills is not just focused on developing your lay up shot, but a bigger a shot called life.

Basketball is more than just an escape for these kids its their community,  culture, and career for a few.  Stars like Derrick Rose, Paul Pierce, “Dr.J” Erving, and thousands of others pros beat Reiss’s statistics.  However, players like Ben Wilson, Ryan Royall, and tens of thousands never have a chance to  beat the streets.  We want to praise Skoolofskills for their contributions and we aspire working with them one day.

Check them out!!



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