Heros beyond the Hardwood: Week 1

Jimmy Valvano is the type of person our blog is dedicated too.  There is no better candidate for our first “Hero’s beyond the Hardwood.” The Jimmy V speech is one of the most popular speeches of all time.  He spoke of the most valuable things in life-like laughter, crying, time, and family.  This man was facing a battle off the court tougher than any previous opponent he’s played or coached against.  There was no time to change plays or call a time out.  Facing such a disease and on the verge of death he never failed to impress.  This is one of the most touching ten-minute clips in sports history.  People will probably forget he was the coach of the 1983 NCAA champions.  However, this man lived a life in which we should strive for.  His off the court accomplishments trump his hardware any day. A foundation was started, a legendary speech was spoken, and his legacy will always be enshrined in sports.

                        “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up” by Jimmy V


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