Basketball’s true highlights

If you perceive basketball as just a game this blog is not for you.  Our goal is focusing on the external factors this game possesses on the court and more so off it.  These stories derive from the playgrounds to pro’s, overseas to our backyards, and even in classrooms.  A legacy doesn’t just get created on the court, it gets cemented in the court.  The stories of the “Magic’s,” MJ’s, and Bird’s literally toke the game to new heights never seen before.   However, while we emulate the greats on the court, we lose sight of the ones who are great off the court.  The Dikembe Mutombo’s, Manute Bol’s, and others who used the game to change the world.  Our goal is to identify what these athletes stand for and the true power of basketball.  Greed, cynicism, and racism are the medias true definition of today’s game.  It’s our duty to show the world the other 2nhalfsteps athletes make that are not on game day.


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